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The Whole Crunchy Tale 

THE WHOLE CRUNCH: How  Save The Crumbs Cookies Came to Be

(The Gluten Free Version)

This is a story that has been told in Farmers Markets, Charity Events and Williams-Sonoma Stores that I had a pop-up in. (Thank you Short HillsUpper Montclair and Bridgewater Commons, I hope to be with you again soon).

When my friend Linda was having health issues, she was craving a crunchy cookie that would not interfere with her diet and taste good at the same time. I developed a recipe for Biscotti (click here for Gluten Free Biscotti) with a minimal amount of sugar that she called ‘her lifesaver’. That inspired me to continue to bake, coming up with recipes and different techniques. The actual process became meditative and therapeutic for me. 














As time went on people asked me to create a Gluten Free version of my cookies and 

biscotti.  After a year of combining different Gluten Free Flours and Nut mixtures I finally hit upon the magic mix (Thank you Suzanne! GO NAVY!) and my Gluten Free

Biscotti were created that fit my criteria of Taste-Texture-Flavor-Obsession. These are truly as good as my regular Biscotti, if not better.

*Baked and Packaged at Garden State Kitchens in Orange, NJ. Gluten Free and Non Gluten Free products made here.​

Many of the incredible photos on this site are Courtesy of 

Casey Fatchett Photography  Casey is a really good photographer, and Caroline (his wonderful wife) is an amazing baker... for real.

Save The Crumbs Cookies Biscotti
(fresh out of the oven!)