Dogscotti - Doggie Biscotti

Dogscotti™ were created for my 4 legged best friends after Arlo and Ruby created a little dog protest.


They were a bit peeved that I was always packing bags of Cookies and Biscotti into travel bins and there was nothing there for them. No doggie treats, no doggie crunch, no doggie munch...nada & nothing for them. They looked at me like I was denying them the gift of life. Why was I packing all these great crunchy flavorful people treats and not making them for my four legged love buckets?  They were right-I was remiss in my duties as a dog owner.

The next day I started working with flavor combinations... and the Original Chicken Dogscotti became their favorite treat!

Then Rowdy put his 4 big ole feet in the argument and his Mom and Dad decided to let him aid in the quest of the dogscotti tasting--so with their distinctive slightly picky palates and the aid of Rowdy's completely indistinctive palate, Dogscotti dog treats were created. And as Gidget said, much better then those dumb carrots!

Of course, like any normal water bowl gossip session, GidgetGraceShadow and Ginger, threw their paw sense in and demanded their own favorite flavors.  The gossip session lasted through many slurps, burps, chirps, whines and a few mad dashes around the yard. After a few dozen pounds of Dogscotti treats were inhaled, Fred the Leader of the Pack, asked for small treats for training (ahem... RUBY!) and our smaller buddies, so I acquiesced to their whinning and created Bits & Bites™.  Who was I to disregard their demands...







The Original is made with whole wheat flour, oats, eggs, peanut butter, salt and parsley.  


Each special doggie has their own flavor..


CUSTOM LABEL AVAILABLE! Would you like your pupster to have their own Labeled Dogscotti with their gorgeous mug shot?  Reach out with a bark and a wag and Arlo or Ruby will get back to you with all the info you need!


Dog tested, made with lotsa love a few tail wags and the gift of goodness.


*Produced and Packaged at Garden State Kitchen, Orange NJ!


prichard2 :

5 out of 5 stars  


I ordered peanut butter and pumpkin. My dogs were crazy for it. I smelled the product and it smelled if I could eat it. I honestly debated, lol.