Many of my customers love my regular low sugar Biscotti and asked if I could make one that people who are sensitive to sugar could eat.  


I enlisted my 'Sugar Free Tasting Brigade', people who do not eat products with sugar whether by personal preferance or for health reasons.  They chewed, tasted, munched and crunched all the while telling me waht tasted good or not so good.  


These are the winners:


Almond Apricot No Sugar Added Biscotti:

Apricots for sweetness, Almonds for crunch and balance.  Grab a cuppa and enjoy. The least sweet of all the No Sugar Biscotti.


Walnut CranRaisin No Sugar Added Biscotti:

The warmth and earthiness of the Walnuts married with the sweet tart CranRaisns brings a special joy to the eater.  For those of you who do not partake of sugar, this crunchy Bisocotti will become a favorite snack and dessert.  


Pecan Raisin No Sugar Added Biscotti:

Pecan crunch with the warmth of the sweet Raisin makes this the most popular No Sugar Added Biscotti.  Perfect with an afternoon cup of coffee.... sooooo goood!



Ingredients in all No Sugar Added Biscotti:

Flour, dried fruit, nuts, eggs, cinnomon, baking powder.  No sugar of any type, no artificial sweetners, no sugar substitutes.


*Baked in a commercial facility that uses all types of nuts including peanuts, walnuts. pecans, almonds, pine nuts, macadamia, hazelnuts, pistachios, ground and tree nuts.



Biscotti - No Sugar Added


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