One day as I was creating new flavors of Biscotti, I distinctly heard Arlo, my Havanese, ask "What about me?" He was right!  What about Arlo and Ruby who were a bit peeved that all the Cookies and Biscotti went to their 2 legged buddies. So with their distinctive slightly picky palettes and the aid of Rowdy's completely indistinctive palette Dogscotti™ dog treats were created.??  I then created a Dogscotti™ Doggie Biscotti that he, Ruby, Gidget and  Rowdy,  tasted... tested and demanded more flavors.  I complied.


*Baked in a commercial facility that uses all types of nuts including peanuts, walnuts. pecans, almonds, pine nuts, macadamia, hazelnuts, pistachios, ground and tree nuts.





Treat Size

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