Cookie Crumbs!

Save The Crumbs at the bottom of the bag and pour them over your ice cream, on top of your cappuccino or latte, chocolate milk, or yogurt. 


Better Yet:

Open Bag, Open Mouth, Pour

Biscotti Business

For me, Biscotti are the perfect snack and dessert.  Crunchy, filled with nuts and dried fruit(s) that perfectly accompany tea, coffee's, or a cold beverage.  These are low in sugar and like almost all other biscotti no added fat... like I said, perfect.

Dogscotti™ Doings

Doggie Biscotti are a natural extension of my people biscotti. Arlo and Ruby love these human grade ingredient treats.  Use them as a training treat or snack.  Use them to teach your dog new tricks or calmly walking on a leash.  Aww... just give it to 'em 'cause you love 'em.


Nom~ Crunch ~ Nom

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