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My Story

Save The Crumbs Cookies is about the joy of life, love and laughter.  When you see me at a Farmers Market ,  a William Sonoma Store or a local event, you are sure to get a warm & witty greeting and a sample of a cookie or biscotti. 

Your Pups get treats, your kids get to ring the Cowbell (outdoor events only) and you get the joy of watching people smiling and talking.  You see, a little bit of humor and a whole lotta love go a long way today. 

I am a Reiki Master (Usui line) and I imbue all my products with the energy of love, laughter and good taste which adds to the Crunchy Cookie or Biscotti experience.

My taste philosophy can be described as:

-Taste: The first bite, what are you tasting and is it pleasing.

-Texture: Does the cookie or biscotti feel good in your mushy cookies allowed!

-Flavor: How long does the flavor last? A long time is the only answer.

-Obsession: You wonder what happened to all the cookies or biscotti? The bag is empty and you enjoyed every morsel.

Thanks for reading~ Susan Dolinko

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