My Story

Save The Crumbs Cookies is about the joy of life and laughter.  When you see me at a Farmers Market  or a 

William Sonoma Store (soon to resume :) you are sure to get a warm and witty greeting. 

Your Pups get treats, your kids get to ring the Cowbell (outdoor events only) and you get the joy of watching people smiling and talking.  


You see, a little bit of humor and a little bit of love go a long way today. 

I am a Reiki Master (Usui line) and I imbue all my products with the energy of love, laughter and good taste which adds to the Crunchy Cookie or Biscotti experience.

My taste philosophy can be described as:

-Taste: The first bite, what are you tasting and is it pleasing.

-Texture: Does the cookie or biscotti feel good in your mushy cookies allowed!

-Flavor: How long does the flavor last? A long time is the only answer.

-Obsession: You wonder what happened to all the cookies or biscotti? The bag is empty and you enjoyed every morsel.

Enjoy the Crumbs, that's the best part!

Thanks for reading~ Susan Dolinko

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