We are obsessed with how a cookie or biscotti can give you

one of the best eating experiences you've had. If our baked product does not pass the 


test, it is not good enough.

Taste: Does the very first bite make you smile?

Texture: Is it crunchy? Is it a pleasing munch? Does it feel good in your mouth and make your palate sing?

Flavor: Do the main ingredients keep the flavor going? Is there a long finish that surprises and delights?

Obsession: Do you cry when the bag is empty? Do you buy an extra bag to eat before you get to the car? Do you buy a bag to hide in 'The Drawer' or your closet?


Obsession is what we are after, and the products here meet that goal.

Mangia Bene and Enjoy!


Find Me!

Little Falls Farmers Market, Sunday's 9-2pm, Starting May 30.

     225 Main Street, Little Falls.  This is a COWBELL event!!

July 31:

West Orange NJ Cheerleader Fundraiser, 41 Conforti Ave, 10-4pm

This is a COWBELL event!!


Bell Fresh Farmers Market, Wednesday's, 11-4, 

101 Crawfords Corner Road, Holmdel NJ.  Dogs welcome.  Indoors

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Delivery available in the West Orange and surrounding towns


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