Each type of Biscotti is filled with nuts, chococlate chips, dried fruits and lots of love. Double baked for an extra crunch and munch that will have you going back for more and more. Super satisfying when you need a little something to get through the afternoon.  


Each flavor has it'sown story, enjoy...


Jenny's Plain Biscotti

Jenny is a delightful spry 93 yr old lady. Dressed to the ‘nines she came to my table and asked me “Do you have plain biscott?” In a heavy Italian accent.

“I have Almond CranRaisin”

“No! Plain-no fruit no nut”

“No, but I can make them for you”

“Good, you make!”

I made.

“Jenny, here are your biscotti “. She opened the bag, took a bite...

“Is good”



Imagine you are in a foreign country, sitting in a coffee chop or outside by a fountain...sipping a cup of espresso or a tea. A bite of this biscotti will take you there... exotic, sweet and tart with an unmistakable crunch.


Almond CranRiasin

The original Biscotti! A touch of sweet and tart from the cranraisins, a touch of mild crunch from the almonds. Dunk, munch, enjoy! A biscotti I always go back to, one that started me on this journey.


Chocolate Chip Hazelnut

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips & Hazelnuts... Nirvana in every crunchy bite.  My Cousin Elaine says they are addictive, I agree. 


No Sugar Added Pecan CranRaisin and No Sugar Added Walnut CranRaisin

I created these Biscotti when a couple of friends on sugar free lifestyles and diets asked if I could create a Biscotti with flavor and crunch.  It took a bit of time and tastings, but these flavorful Biscotti has become immortal in my friends life. Try these on a cheese board as a cracker alternative.  No added sugar, no sweeteners, no artificial flavors... no sweetness added. All the 'sweet' flavor is from the dried fruits and nuts and a touch of magic.


*Prepared and Packaged at Garden State Kitchen, Orange NJ with other bakers that use ground and tree nuts.




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