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Each variety of Biscotti is filled with nuts, chococlate chips, dried fruits and lots of love. Double baked for an extra crunch and munch that will have you going back for more and more. Super satisfying when you need a little something to get through the afternoon or an evening movie.


Each flavor has it's own story, enjoy...



Imagine you are in a Mediterranean country, sitting in a coffee shop outside by a fountain, the smell of the spices in the market slipping past your nose, the sound of people playing backgammon and sucking on a hooka while sipping a cup of espresso or a mint tea. A bite of this biscotti will take you there... exotic, sweet and tart with an unmistakable crunch.


Almond CranRiasin

The original Biscotti! One day, as I was recovering from back surgery I needed to cook or bake or do anything that didn't require long periods of time standing in my kitchen.  I found a recipe, and made the Biscotti... the next day I did it again, with a tweek here and a scoop there.  I only had Almonds and CranRaisins so together they went into the bowl. And...magic. A touch of sweet and tart from the cranraisins, a touch of mild crunch from the almonds. Dunk, munch, enjoy! A biscotti I always go back to, one that started me on this journey.

Vanilla Almond:
You take Jenny's plain biscotti add fresh almonds and... a cuppa 'spresso. Life is good


Chocolate Chip Hazelnut:

Imagine this… a steaming cup of coffee or an espresso, a lovely day with intesnely blue skies and puffball clouds that bring out your imagination, a cafe table and the intoxicating scent of…. Nutella and cinnamon, wafting in the breeze as you sit in front of an old bakery.  Nonna’s grandbaby, brings your biscotti-a double baked crescent filled with chocolate chips