Dogscotti™ were created for Arlo, Ruby & Gidget who

were a bit peeved that all the Cookies and Biscotti

went to their 2 legged buddies.  So with their distinctive

slightly picky palates and the aid of Rowdy's completely indistinctive palate, Dogscotti™ dog treats were created.


Of course, like the normal dog bowl gossip sessions go,

Gidget, GraceShadow and Ginger, threw their paw sense in and demanded their own favorite flavors.  The gossip session lasted through many slurps, burps, chirps and whines. After a few dozen pounds of Dogscotti treats were inhaled, Fred the Leader of the Pack, asked for small treats for training (ahem... RUBY!) and our smaller buddies, so I acquiesced to their whinning and created Bits & Bites™.

Who was I to disregard their demands...


Dogscotti-Doggie Biscotti

  • Dogscotti comes in 2 size treats:

    Bits & Bites™ for small dogs and training treats

    Regular-larger for our bigger bed warmers and couch hogs


    All Dogscotti are crunchy, there are no soft treats here.  If your dog needs something a bit softer, put a couple drops of water or low salt stock on the treat and let it soften.


    Dogscotti are made with wholesome ingredients.  You can eat these treats. Made in Garden State Kitchen, Orange NJ