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Maple and Walnut, a classic combination of soft flavors that marry so well. Usually this combination is found in ice cream, and a delicious cold treat it is. The flavors together in a cookie, oh so good. 


I take some crunchy maple cookie batter then add some walnuts, bake... and magic.  Like with all my other crunchy treats, fighting over the crumbs is acceptable, especially if you use the crumbs on coffee or lattes, ice cream or even better, straight out of the bag.


As my friend Mary Ellen says: "At first bite there is a sweet crunch, that continues throughout the cookie. The chopped walnuts were fine enough to not be intrusive in your mouth, yet you could definitely taste them on your tongue. The maple sugar did not disappoint.  Texture was a really nice, crisp cookie, yet it did not crumble when I took a bite or broke off a piece."


For an amazing, mind blowing, head popping treat, eat these cookies with maple walnut ice cream, or at 10pm when everyone else is in bed.

8oz - about 12-14 cookies


Prepared and Packaged in Garden State Kitchens, Orange NJ.  A licensed commercial kitchen or using CFO#410. Made in a kitchen using nuts.  Photo courtesy of Casey Fatchett, a really really good photographer.

Maple Walnut Kinda Crunchy Cookie

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