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Save The Crumbs Cookies

We are obsessed with how a cookie or biscotti can give you the best eating experience.


If our baked product does not pass the 


test, it is not good enough.

Taste: Does the very first bite make you smile?

Texture: Is it crunchy? Is it a pleasing munch? Does it feel good in your mouth?

Flavor: Do the main ingredients keep the flavor going? Is there a long finish?

Obsession: Do you cry when the bag is empty? Do you buy an extra bag to eat before you get to the car?


Obsession is what we are after, and the products here meet that goal.

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Every family member deserves a good Biscotti, one filed with flavor, fillings and crunch.  

As my Arlo and Ruby say... "Ya know, Biscotti isn't just for people, I want some too!"

So yes, I listened to them, reached out to their friends and created Dogscotti~Doggie Biscotti.

While Ruby is partial to Chicken, she will steal Arlo's Peanut Butter and Bacon...

I mean, what dog wouldn't do that, its the ultimate Dogscotti Flavor.  

Available in Bits & Bites™ training/small dog size and regular size.